Since our first Sustainability Plan was released in 2015, we have completed, or are progressing all identified actions and have delivered significantly more than what we set out to achieve.

Transport and logistics

Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre

  • Operations commenced May 2016.

Promote increased use of rail, shipping and high productivity vehicles

Advocated for:

  • Funding for Port Botany freight rail line duplication.
  • Moorebank Intermodal Terminal development approval.
  • Approvals for high productivity vehicle permits for port access.
  • Planning for Mt Ousley interchange.

Delivery of rail siding extensions at Enfield Intermodal Terminal.

Commencement of Enfield intermodal terminal rail operations.

Maintenance dredging for navigable depths in port channels/berthing

  • 4 x dredging campaigns completed at Port Kembla.
  • 2 x dredging campaigns completed at Port Botany.

Development and land use

Recognition of port protection requirements / buffer zones through environmental planning instruments

  • Measures to protect land for freight and logistics included in the NSW Freight and Ports Plan 2018 and Greater Sydney Region Plan 2018.
  • Rezoning of old Port Kembla School site for residential development rejected due to proximity to port-related industrial land and rail.
  • Proposed amendments to the State Environmental Planning Policy (Three Ports) 2013 to reduce the risk of incompatible development on land surrounding ports.
  • Eastern City District Plan confirms protection/growth for trade gateways including Port Botany while managing interfaces of industrial, trade and intermodal.
  • Illawarra Shoalhaven Regional Plan seeks to prevent land use conflicts by managing buffers around Port Kembla and supporting freight network.

Freight and logistics infrastructure policy and strategy

NSW Government delivered Greater Sydney Region Plan, State Infrastructure Strategy, Future Transport 2056 and NSW Freight and Ports Plan in 2018. These documents support:

  • Protection of land for freight and logistics by retaining industrial land around ports and intermodal facilities and managing interfaces with more sensitive land uses.
  • Previous government port planning strategy that Port Botany, followed by Port Kembla, will deliver NSW’s container trade needs.

Review Green Port Checklist to improve sustainability

  • Green Port Checklist reviewed in 2017.
  • Port Development Codes to be replaced with NSW Ports Sustainable Development Code – new action for 2019 Plan.

Port Kembla Development Code

  • Port Kembla Development Code completed in June 2016.
  • To be replaced with NSW Ports Sustainable Development Code – new action for 2019 Plan.

Sustainable design measures

  • Sustainability incorporated in the design of the Brotherson Dock Life Extension Project and new warehouses at Enfield.

Record weather-related disruptions on port operations

  • Procedure established and ongoing records maintained of port weather disruptions.

Local environment outcomes

Port Botany Noise Management Strategy

  • Strategy rolled out in 2017 with ongoing monitoring and collaboration with NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and tenants.

Road traffic monitoring at Port Botany and Port Kembla

  • Road traffic volume assessment completed for Port Botany in 2017.
  • Port Kembla assessment to be delivered in 2019 plan.

Port Botany long-term land-use risk assessment

  • Scope of assessment developed – action to be delivered in 2019 plan.

Contribute to government policy on environmental management of port operations

Submissions made to:

  • Draft Marine Estate Management Strategy 2017.
  • Draft Coastal Management State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP).
  • Draft Industrial Noise Guidelines 2015.
  • Regulation of Air Emissions from Shipping 2015.
  • Biosecurity Levy considerations.

Heritage management strategy

Rolled out Heritage Asset Management Strategy (HAMS) in 2016 with targeted Asset Maintenance Plan for key heritage items. Actions included:

  • Restoration of steam crane at Port Kembla.
  • Interpretive walk & signage at Enfield Intermodal Lookout.

Environmental Management Plans (EMPs)

  • Overarching EMPs for NSW Ports finalised 2015 and regularly reviewed.

Maintenance of Green and Golden Bell Frog ponds at Enfield and Port Kembla

  • Ponds are regularly maintained.

Resource conservation and efficiency

Installation of additional solar panels at Port Botany and Port Kembla

  • 32kW solar system installed on Port Kembla Maritime Centre in 2017.
  • An extra 17kW solar system installed on Brotherson House at Port Botany in 2017.
  • Measurable reduction of 21% in electricity consumption at our Port Botany and Port Kembla office buildings compared to our FY15 baseline.

Electricity monitoring and management services

  • Electricity monitoring system installed at Port Kembla Maritime Centre in 2016, complementing our Port Botany system.

Green procurement standards for motor vehicles

  • Rationalised vehicle fleet and reduced fuel consumption by 74% since FY2015.
  • Purchased first hybrid petrol-electric vehicle in 2019.
  • Green procurement policy to be delivered as part of 2019 Plan.

Recycling schemes for batteries, mobile phones and other electronic equipment

  • Port Botany and Port Kembla have permanent recycling collection points for old batteries and mobile phones.

Reuse dredged material from Berth 103 within the footprint of the Port Kembla Outer Harbour Development

  • Approximately 120,000m3 of dredged material placed in the Outer Harbour in 2015 as part of an onsite re-use initiative.

Stakeholder and community partnerships

Community liaison meetings at Port Botany, Port Kembla and Enfield

  • 40 community liaison meetings held in the period 2015–2018 as part of our ongoing community engagement program.

Publish development and sustainability information on NSW Ports website

New NSW Ports website launched 2017 includes Community and Environment Hub for:

  • Environmental & sustainability information.
  • Compliance records for NSW Ports development projects.
  • Community announcements.
  • Consultative committee minutes and terms of reference.
  • Public access information.
  • Sponsorship updates.

Environment and Sustainability Working Groups for tenants at Port Botany and Port Kembla

Working Groups established:

  • 1 x meeting held for Port Botany.
  • 2 x meetings held for Port Kembla.

Environmental awareness training for all staff and contractors

  • New environmental induction rolled out 2015.
  • All new staff undertake this induction.
  • Over 770 contractors and port users have completed health, safety and environmental inductions online since 2018.

Staff involvement in environmental and sustainability events

  • 8 x Clean Up Australia Day events.
  • 3 x Biggest Morning Tea fundraisers.
  • 1 x World Environment Day ‘Green Pledges’ event.
  • 1 x National Safe Work Month program.